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What do Bill Gates, Peyton Manning, & Chuck Norris Have In Common?

All of us are different. We all have different backgrounds, strengths, socioeconomic status, circles of influence, weaknesses, challenges, etc…  There is one thing that we all have in common; TIME.  We may not know how many years we will be here, but we do, no matter how rich and famous we are, no matter how many challenges we have in our lives, we are all privileged to have the same 24 hours each day, 7 days each week, and 52 weeks each year.  The biggest excuse that people have for not doing martial arts, or for quitting it, is that they just don’t have enough time.  Sorry to burst that bubble, but it’s not true.  We all have time for martial arts training.  In fact, out of all fitness or sport related activities out there, martial arts is the easiest one to fit into your schedule.

It’s hard to get to the gym 1st thing in the morning and we all know how tired we are after work… add in kids and WOW, no workout for me this week… How is martial arts different? Well for one, your kids can do classes shortly before you which means you are already there.  Also, when you don’t come to class, your classmates keep you accountable which makes you want to come and train with them.  You become part of the family.  You actually LOOK FORWARD to training.  You do have 2 days per week that you can get in your car and get on the mat for an hour and sweat, smile and learn!  Make it happen.

Parents, I will be blunt and to the point. I believe that having your child in martial arts training through their Elementary, Jr. High and High School years is RESPONSIBLE PARENTING.  Think about it.  You will be sending your child off to college with the core tenets DRILLED into them; Leadership, Strength, Commitment, Knowledge, and Respect.  The peer pressure associated with kids today is MUCH LESS when your child is a martial artist.  Why? Well, while all of us are doing our best as parents, the kids and role models they are exposed to make a HUGE IMPACT on their daily decisions.  What does this have to do with time? Easy, we need to make time for them to come to class.  Are there days that you don’t want to workout? Well remember that when your child says they don’t want to come to class… You and they WILL Reap the long term benefits of martial arts training if we as parents can get through the short term challenges of fitting it into their schedule and making them stay committed.
Thank you for reading through this and we will see you, on the mat!