Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts | Martial Arts Classes for Springboro and Centerville, Ohio

Springboro - 937-748-8797 | Centerville - 937-306-2120

Fusion boy

The heart of any good Martial Arts studio is it’s High School & Adult Program.

ULMA Impact classes are filled with such a great variety of people. Because of this, there is something very welcoming about training in your first class.

Impact Classes incorporate all of the martial arts training that you would expect as well as functional fitness drills and reality based self defense in a non-threatening positive environment.

The High School age students like having the opportunity to do some real training that isn’t boring. They are also able to interact and feel respected by the adults whom they train with.

Many adults say that they will start something like then when they “get time” or “get in shape”. As we all know, people make time for things that are important, and your health and peace of mind is very important. We also need to be reminded that you don’t have to be in shape to start, but you do need to start training to get in shape!

Fusion kid punching at Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts