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Lil Leaders

They may be small, but they are mighty

Designed for 4 & 5 year olds

Our preschool martial arts program in Springboro and Centerville is designed specifically for preschool kids. In Lil’ Leaders, children learn classroom structure, cooperation with other children… and GREAT MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING. They will train with other children in their age group, allowing your child to feel comfortable and more capable of achieving excellence.

More About Our Lil Leaders Program

Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts is a wonderful family friendly program. My twin boys have been training here since they were 4 1/2 years old, they are now almost 10 years old. When we started out we thought karate will be something fun for them to do….we had no idea that martial arts would not only be something my boys do, but something they become.

– Traci Rackett


Confident and strong: Warriors are ready for life!

Designed for students 1st - 5th Graders

Whether doing Kids Martial Arts & Taekwondo is your idea or your child’s, we are here deliver for you both!

Parents love the lessons in respect and leadership as well as the great exercise that their children get in our classes. They like the positive changes that occur from consistent training.

More About Our Warriors Program

This is a great place for kids to learn self-confidence, self-control, responsibility and how to work toward goals. We love the positive attitudes of all the instructors, and the high energy and fun they bring to learning this art. Our kids have benefited greatly from the great examples of leadership and self-discipline that the owners and instructors model to the students.

– Leslie Marsh


Now recruiting a team of teenagers with attitudes

Designed for students in 6th-8th Grade

Fusion is a blend of the excitement of the Junior Classes and the real deal self defense and conditioning of the Impact (Adult) Program. The program is lead with the knowledge that this age group has specific wants and needs that are unique to them.

More About Our Fusion Program

My son has gone to both Springboro and Centerville locations for the last three years and loves it! The instructors and staff are wonderful!

— Sherri Trapp


Martial arts focused on fitness & self-defense

Designed for High School & Adults

The heart of any good Martial Arts studio is it’s Teen/Adult Program. Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts’ Impact classes are filled with such a great variety of people. Because of this, there is something very welcoming about training in that 1st class. Impact classes incorporate all of the teen & adult martial arts in Springboro and Centerville training that you would expect as well as functional fitness drills and reality based self defense in a non-threatening positive environment.

More About Our Impact Program

ULMA is an absolutely great place to go. I have been going here for over 8 years and all the instructors are extremely friendly and caring about everyone. You will learn many life skills such as respect, responsibility, and how to work toward goals. I owe much of what has shaped me as a person to this place.

— Jace Bruns